Privacy Policy

Effective from January 24, 2024

At Hivedeck("Hivedeck," "we," "our," or "us"), our commitment to safeguarding your privacy is central to our operations. We have created this privacy policy to demonstrate transparency to you, our customer, through explicit information regarding our data practices. We outline our collection and usage of your personal information. What we collect, why we collect it, and what we do with it.

The content of this Policy extends to all users of Hivedeck’s Services, whether registered or unregistered, including our website and its subdomains, web applications, mobile applications, tools and related services.

By using any of our Services, you confirm you have agreed to the Terms of Service and read and understood this Privacy Policy. If, after reading and comprehending this Privacy Policy, you disagree with our practices, we kindly request that you cease using our Services immediately. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your trust in Hivedeck, and we are committed to upholding your privacy as you create and manage websites with us.

1Information We Collect

1.1User-Provided Information

We value the information you willingly share with us. When you register or engage with co-branded offers, we collect your personal details such as your name, company name, email, phone number, billing address, credit card info, geographic location, and industry. As a job candidate, we gather information like your resume or CV, as well as transcripts or certifications. When you reach out to us via calls, emails, or chat for support or other reasons, the information you provide is essential. When you use our Services through methods like email, phone calls, chats, or screen sharing, this data becomes part of our records. We also collect payment information, including credit card details and billing address, if you decide to purchase certain Services from us.

1.2Data Collection Concerning Usage and Devices

We keep a record of your online activity on our websites. This includes technical data like your IP address, browser type, geographic location, operating system version, and device identifiers. We track your journey on our Services, noting how you arrived and which links you clicked. Our records extend to the pages you view, including interactions with videos. Any updates you make to your information, communications with us, or orders for new Services are part of our database. Metadata concerning your use of our Services and your interactions with our emails are recorded, encompassing clicks and opens. We also monitor how your customers, contacts, and users engage with the Services we offer you. Issues you encounter requiring our support or assistance, are documented. All this data is securely stored across various locations within our infrastructure, ensuring its availability for analysis and reference.

1.3Information Obtained from Social Media

We utilise information from third-party social networking sites if you choose to connect through your social network credentials. This information includes your name, social media account name, and email address, which can automatically populate our sign-up form. It's important to remember that you maintain control over your privacy settings on these social networking sites.

1.4Data Acquired from External Sources

In addition to information you directly provide, we collect data from other sources, including information shared at seminars or through our partners, survey responses, publicly available information, and data you authorise us to receive from third parties.

1.5Demographic Information

For the purpose of improving your experience and ensuring compliance with age restrictions, we may collect demographic details like your zip code, gender, date of birth, and age. This information is used to personalise your interaction with our websites, deliver content tailored to your interests, and enhance the overall website experience. When we share this demographic data with partners, market researchers, and other third parties, it's always in an aggregated and non-personally identifiable form. Your personal identity is never linked to this data when shared with third parties.

1.6Telephone Conversations

During your telephone conversations with us, we may monitor or record the information you provide. This helps us maintain the quality of our support services.

1.7Data Integration and Usage

To better serve you, we may combine the information we collect about you with existing data. This integration helps us update, expand, and analyse our records, identify potential customers, and offer products and services that align with your interests. If others provide your information or you provide information about others, we strictly use it for the specified purpose for which it was shared with us. Your data privacy remains a priority.

2How and Why We Use Your Information

We respect the significance of your Personal Information and are committed to using it responsibly and transparently. Here's an insight into how and why we use your data

2.1Providing and Enhancing Our Services

Your Personal Information is crucial for delivering, maintaining, and enhancing the Hivedeck Services. It allows us to tailor our offerings to your preferences, needs, and experiences.

2.2Customer Support

We are here to assist you. Your data helps us provide ongoing customer support and technical assistance when you need it. Whether it's answering questions or troubleshooting, your information is integral to offering you the best support.


Keeping you informed is important. We use your Personal Information to reach out with both general and personalised service-related notices. This includes updates on our Services and promotional messages as detailed in Section 8 below.

2.4Business Development

Your data aids in our growth and development. It enables us to update, expand, and analyse our records, identifying new customers and areas of improvement within our Services.

2.5Contests, Events, and Promotions

We may host various contests, events, and promotions. Your information helps us determine eligibility, monitor performance, and contact winners to grant prizes and benefits.

2.6Performance Analysis

Understanding our performance and marketing activities is crucial. Your data supports our efforts to analyse and enhance our Services, ensuring they meet your needs.

2.7Aggregated Data

We create aggregated statistical data and other non-identifiable information. This data, which cannot be linked back to individual users, is used by us and our partners to enhance and improve our services.

2.8Professional Assistance

We also use your Personal Information to offer you professional assistance. This ensures that you receive the support you need.

2.9Data Security and Fraud Prevention

Protecting your data and preventing fraudulent activities are paramount. Your information enhances our data security measures, helping to keep your experience safe and secure.

2.10Legal Compliance

We utilise your Personal Information to comply with applicable laws and regulations. This ensures that our operations remain in accordance with legal requirements.

2.11Machine Learning

We utilise your Personal Information as outlined in Section 3 when it's necessary to fulfil a contract or take steps to enter into a contract with you. This includes providing you with our website builder and offering customer support.

When our use of your Personal Information is required to comply with legal or regulatory obligations, we ensure strict adherence to these requirements.

Our utilisation of your Personal Information is guided by legitimate interests and business purposes, such as maintaining and improving our Services and the effectiveness of Hivedeck. We conduct these activities in a manner that respects your privacy rights and is proportionate to the intended purpose.

2.12Legal Basis for Data Usage

We also use your Personal Information to offer you professional assistance. This ensures that you receive the support you need.

3How We Share Your Information

Our principles for handling your personal information reflect our dedication to openness and your best interests. Below, you'll find an outline of how we might utilise your data:

3.1Collaboration with Affiliates

We might share your individual details with our affiliated entities when it serves a practical purpose. This sharing can support our ability to provide services to you or enhance the services we collectively deliver.

3.2Data Exchange with Users

Information about your website visitors, known as End Users, may be shared with you, our Users. This encompasses data related to the web pages End Users visited before arriving at your site and how they interacted with your site. This facilitates your ability to assess your site's usage and improve your services.

3.3Engagement of Payment Services Third-Party Providers

If you opt to use Hivedeck’s Payments Services through our platform, we may enlist the services of specific third-party providers like Stripe, Sift, and Plaid. Their roles include operating and managing payment-related functions, conducting identity or bank verifications, and investigating suspected risks, fraud, security threats, illegal activities, or violations of the Hivdeck Payments Terms.

3.4Sharing with Domain Registration Partners

To comply with policies from ICANN, registries, ccTLDs, or registrars, we may share your domain registration information with relevant domain registration partners.

3.5Collaboration with Business Partners

In scenarios where our Services integrate with Third Party Services offered by business partners, we may share personal information. This is done with your prior knowledge or when such sharing is reasonably expected.

3.6Interaction with Third-Party Plugins and Social Networks

Personal information may be communicated to website plugins, social media platforms, or similar Third Party Services. This sharing can enhance your user experience, especially when you intentionally engage with these plugins. For instance, if you choose to create or log in to your Account using a Third Party Service, your personal information may be shared with that Third Party Service.

3.7Collaboration with Service Providers

We partner with service providers who assist us in offering various services. This may encompass third parties supporting customer service, managing external site advertisements, sending marketing communications, and contributing to data storage.

3.8Secured Payment Processing

For the secure processing of payments, certain personal information is transferred through an encrypted connection to our payment processor.

3.9Legal Compliance and Safeguarding Rights

Your personal information may be disclosed if we deem such action reasonably necessary to adhere to legal requirements, protect our rights, property, or the rights of others, or prevent fraud or misuse of our platform. This includes responding to legitimate requests from public authorities, including those related to national security or law enforcement.

3.10Tailored Advertising

To offer personalised advertising and assess its efficacy, we may share personal information with third parties. For example, we might share your pseudonymized email address with a third-party social media platform to avoid displaying ads to individuals who are already Squarespace users.

3.11Transition in Business Operations

In cases involving reorganisation, mergers, acquisitions, or asset sales, your personal information may be transferred as part of these transactions or during negotiation processes.

We remain dedicated to safeguarding your data and ensuring that its sharing adheres to both legal obligations and industry standards.

4Your Rights and Choices

At Hivedeck, we place a strong emphasis on ensuring that you have the utmost control over your personal information. We provide you with a range of rights and choices to empower you in managing your data effectively. Here's a comprehensive overview of these rights and choices

4.1Reviewing and Updating Personal Information

Your right to access and review your personal information is fundamental. You can view the data we hold about you, ensuring its accuracy and relevance. If you discover any inaccuracies or changes are necessary, you can easily update your information through your account settings. We encourage you to maintain the most current and accurate details on your profile to enhance your experience with Hivedeck.

4.2Opting Out of Marketing Communications

We understand that your inbox should be tailored to your preferences. That's why we respect your choices when it comes to marketing communications. If you decide that you no longer wish to receive promotional messages, newsletters, or other marketing materials from Hivedeck, you have the option to opt out. This empowers you to curate the content that reaches your inbox. Managing your communication preferences is straightforward and can be done by visiting your account settings or using the provided opt-out links in our emails.

4.3Requesting Account Deletion and Data Removal

We acknowledge that your relationship with Hivedeck is a matter of personal choice. If you decide to discontinue using our services or have concerns about the data we hold, you have the right to request account deletion and data removal. Your request will be promptly processed, and we will ensure that your information is securely deleted from our systems. It's important to note that this action is irreversible, and once your data is removed, it cannot be recovered.

4.4Data Portability

You have the right to request a copy of your data in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format. This facilitates the transfer of your information to another service or platform if you decide to switch. We are committed to making this process as seamless as possible, ensuring your data remains accessible and transferrable at your request.

4.5Consent Management

We respect your choices, and obtaining your consent is crucial to us. You have the right to manage your consent preferences, ensuring that you have control over how your data is used. This empowers you to decide which aspects of our services and communications you wish to engage with.

4.6Restriction of Processing

In certain situations, you have the right to restrict the processing of your personal information. This means that we will temporarily limit the use of your data while we address your specific concerns or needs. We'll work closely with you to ensure that your data is used in ways that align with your preferences and requirements.

4.7Data Retention and Deletion Preferences

We offer you the option to set your data retention and deletion preferences. You can decide how long we retain your data and when it should be deleted. This level of control allows you to tailor your data management in line with your requirements and legal obligations.

Your privacy and data control are at the core of our commitment to you. We aim to provide transparent and effective tools to help you exercise these rights and choices, ensuring that your experience with Hivedeck is both personalised and secure

5Changes to this Privacy Policy

At Hivedeck, we are committed to maintaining the transparency and security of your personal information. We recognize that our Privacy Policy is a living document, and there may be instances where updates or changes are necessary to ensure that your data continues to be protected and used responsibly. Here's an overview of how and when our Privacy Policy may be updated

5.1Periodic Reviews and Updates

We understand that the digital landscape is ever-evolving, and we are dedicated to keeping our practices in line with the latest developments. As a result, we conduct periodic reviews of our Privacy Policy to assess its relevance and effectiveness. This review process may lead to updates or amendments to the Privacy Policy to address emerging privacy concerns, technological advancements, or changes in regulatory requirements.

5.2Communication Channels

We will communicate material changes to the Privacy Policy through the most effective and efficient channels. These may include, but are not limited to, email notifications, in-platform messages, or prominent notices on our website. Our goal is to ensure that you are promptly informed and aware of these changes.

5.3Review and Acknowledgment

When we notify you of material changes to the Privacy Policy, we encourage you to review the updated policy and acknowledge your understanding of these changes. Your awareness of these amendments is essential to maintaining the integrity of your data and your rights.

5.4Providing Opt-Out Options

In cases where material changes may affect your preferences or choices, we will provide you with clear options to opt out or manage your data in accordance with the updated policy. Your control over your data remains a top priority, even in the face of policy changes.

5.5Accessible Policy Archive

We maintain an accessible archive of previous versions of our Privacy Policy. This archive enables you to review past policies and understand how our practices have evolved over time.

Our commitment to keeping you informed and respecting your rights remains unwavering. We pledge to be proactive in notifying you of material changes to our Privacy Policy, ensuring that your data continues to be treated with the utmost care and responsibility.


At Hivedeck, we've established a robust framework of security measures to ensure the safeguarding of the valuable user data you entrust to us. Security is not just a priority; it's an integral part of our commitment to you. Here's a comprehensive look at how we protect your data, coupled with a reminder of the innate risks associated with the digital realm.

Our security apparatus is multi-layered, covering physical, electronic, and procedural aspects. Every facet of our operations is geared toward safeguarding your information, ensuring that it remains private and secure.

To fortify your online experience, we provide HTTPS secure access across most of our services. This means that your interactions with our platform are protected by robust encryption, making it exceedingly challenging for unauthorised parties to access or intercept your data. Notably, sensitive payment information, such as credit card numbers, is shielded by an industry-standard SSL/TLS encrypted connection. This is the gold standard in data protection.

We proudly maintain a PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) certification, reinforcing our commitment to upholding stringent security standards. This certification encompasses a comprehensive set of requirements and safeguards, ensuring the secure processing of payment information.

Our security doesn't stop at static measures. We actively monitor our systems for possible vulnerabilities and potential threats. This proactive approach allows us to preemptively address and mitigate security risks, ensuring that your data remains uncompromised.

However, it's crucial to bear in mind that the digital landscape carries inherent risks. Despite our unwavering dedication to security, we cannot offer an absolute guarantee of invulnerability. The ever-evolving nature of the online world presents dynamic challenges. It's in this context that we encourage your active participation in protecting your data.

We recommend the establishment of strong, unique passwords for your user account and associated websites. Additionally, it's advisable to avoid sharing sensitive personal information that, if disclosed, could result in substantial or irreparable harm. This practice, combined with our security efforts, forms a potent partnership in the protection of your data.

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